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This story is the last week. When I went to a primary school which I went every Monday, Second grade teacher was absent due to illness. First grade classroom is flooded up in the classroom of the tent, because of the heavy rain of the previous day.

First grade teacher asked me if I could teach the lessons of arithmetic to 1, 2 grade together. I said, "OK. I will teach same content to first grade and second grade together".

I told second grade students that it was a review, but it was good for them. About 70 people were in the same classroom. First grade were studying at the floor and second grade on the desk.

 First grade went back to the classroom before next class. I taught English classes to the second grade. And even though it is not professional at all :)

I got used to unexpected happenings. Previously, when I went to school, there were not teachers for the workshop and school is closed, or there was no class for 1 week because Australian volunteer use there.


Children can eat to buy the food at the stand in break time and lunch time. Nearby moms have sold.