Vanuatu diary







火曜日、事務所でZCA(Zone Curriculum Adviser)の同僚と話をしていたら、学校の授業観察に行くと言っていたので、ぜひ連れて行ってほしいと伝えました。そして、水曜日は、午前中に、私が今まで行ったことのない学校へ行くチャンスを得ました。バヌアツには英語系とフランス語系の学校があります。実はこの学校、フランス語で授業をしている学校です。私は、フランス語はわかりません。しかし、算数の学習は万国共通です。最初は6年生のクラスを見させてもらいました。線対称の学習をしていました。私は、気づいたことを先生に最後に伝えました。この6年生の先生は、以前から知っていた方で、お家にも一度遊びに行ったことがあります。JICAの歴代ボランティアがホームステイをさせていただいている先生です。「また、授業に来て、アイディアをちょうだいね。」と言ってくださいました。












25-2 JICA’s colleague went back to Japan last Wednesday. I knew their 2 years activities in debriefing session, and I was encouraged by them. I really appreciate them.


When I talked to a colleague who is ZCA last Tuesday, he told that he would go to class

Observation. So I told him that I wanted to go there together. Then I got a chance to go to a primary school Wednesday morning which I have never been. There are English schools and French schools in Vanuatu. In fact, this school is French school. I don’t know French. But mathematics is common among all of us. At first I saw 6 grade. They studied line symmetry. I told teacher something I noticed at the end of class. I have known her since before I came there, and I have been to her house once. JICA’s ex-volunteer stayed her house. She said, “Please come again, and I want to get your idea.”


Next, I went to 3 grade. I also studied French class. 3 grade teachers told me that they wanted me to come next week Friday again, and give them advice. I really appreciate. I got new job today. I noticed a thing recently. It is important to talk with a lot of people even if it isn’t my job. So I can get some good chance. Something I didn’t imagen happen.


Children of this school are interested in me.

“How can I say bicycle in Japanese, How about puskat (cat)?”

“Did you watch rugby game?” etc.

Because children listen to several language, they could speak Japanese that I said only one time clearly. Therefore I thought to study language hardly.

The colleague said, “You are good at speaking Bislama now. You will be able to speak Bislama more in 2 months.”

I didn’t notice it by myself, so I was glad to hear that.